S01E08 The Week of the Polar Vortex

Katie G and Mark Adam discuss their opinions on how to discipline children of various ages, they check in on those parents who have been a stuck inside with their kids all week due to the polar vortex, and they react to a couple kid stories from their listeners. They also bring the message; “VACCINATE YOUR CROTCH-GOBLINS!”


S01E06 Make Men Great Again

Katie G and Mark Adam discuss how a child was thrown from a car while strapped to her car seat, how 2 teens took the “Bird Box Challenge” to the next level, and how a study showed that kids are most misbehaved around mom. Also, they discuss the very controversial Gillette commercial.

S01E05 Life Is Hard, Math Is Harder

Katie G and Mark Adam discuss the old and new ways of learning “the maths”, their first Throw Back Thursday posts, and how Mark Adam looked like Fred Savage from The Princess Bride. Also, they chat about how Mark Adam pulled a jump-scare prank on his 4-year-old daughter and how Katie G wants to start a prank war of her own with her teenagers.