S01E15 Spoiled

Katie G and Mark Adam announce the winner of their 2nd giveaway. The winner receives one of our new t-shirts and a Google Chromecast!

They also discuss the University scandal involving Aunt Becky from Full House leading them to discuss levels of “helicopter parents” and how spoiling your kids can be more harmful than helpful.

Also, they discuss the new car seat regulation coming into effect on April 18th.


S01E14 ZERO Fucks Given

Katie G and Mark Adam start off Episode 14 with more technical issues (insert sarcastic “Whaaaaaat?” here).

Once they get things back on track they discuss their Saturday hangovers (classic) and how kids just do not give any f*#ks about our self-inflicted suffering. Katie G also tells us how she forgets to be professional and constantly puts her foot in her mouth at work.

They also briefly discuss the new Leaving Neverland documentary and how there were even more cases of measles reported.

S01E13 Haircuts and Piercings

Katie G and Mark Adam dive into a feel-good podcast this week. They discuss how a group of teens helped out a snowed-in neighbour by shovelling her driveway so she was able to make her dialysis appointment. Another group of teens banded together to help out a fellow classmate who was going through a tough time.

They do also chat about the 44-year-old bus driver from Pennsylvania who dropped 30 high school kids at a gas station, flipped them off and told them to go f*#k themselves.

They then decide to discuss when they were kids, and how their parents’ bad decision making lead to some horrible hairstyles and unfortunate piercings.

S01E12 Kids Speak Truth

Katie G and Mark Adam discuss the residential schools in western Canada and how, until as late as the 1960s, kids were taken from their homes to be taught “Canadian values” rather than their own Native culture.

Amelia, Adam’s 4-year-old daughter, makes an unplanned guest appearance in this episode… because that’s how you podcast with kids!

They also discuss how kids tell all the truths whether you want them to or not.

*** The audio & video have (again) broken apart in the end of this week’s video. We believe this issue will be resolved for the next video recording. Thanks for your patience! ***

S01E11 No Mo’ Momo

Katie G and Mark Adam discuss national anti-bullying day and how bullying has effected them personally. They also talk about the “Momo challenge” and how disturbing messages are being maliciously integrated into kids videos on YouTube.

S01E10 Money, Money, Money

Katie G and Mark Adam discuss the importance of teaching our kids about the value of money and how one credit card company encourages people to acquire debt with the slogan “Don’t Live Life Without It”.

They also discuss the update on the suspect in the Amber Alert from Ontario last week, as well as the tragedy that occurred this week in Halifax which brought the whole community together.

S01E09 What’s In An Amber Alert

Katie G and Mark Adam catch up after Katie G was in New Brunswick last weekend with a bunch of kids in a cold rink. Mark Adam gives us the adorable details of his Daddy-Daughter Valentines Day date and how he hopes to set the standard for his daughter of what defines a good man. Also, things get heavy-hearted as they discuss the tragic event that happened following an Amber Alert from Brampton, Ontario this week.

BONUS – The Only Dirty Table (Episode 1)

The first episode of our new bonus series, “The Only Dirty Table” brings you server horror stories and tales of customer service from behind the scenes. Expect anger and rants on many levels. Mark Adam and Katie G would like you to join them on this rage-ride.

Ep 001 features a few rants, a basic explanation of how “tip-out” works, and what happens (to the server) when you don’t leave a tip.

S01E08 The Week of the Polar Vortex

Katie G and Mark Adam discuss their opinions on how to discipline children of various ages, they check in on those parents who have been a stuck inside with their kids all week due to the polar vortex, and they react to a couple kid stories from their listeners. They also bring the message; “VACCINATE YOUR CROTCH-GOBLINS!”

S01E07 Not Raising Shitty Humans

Katie G and Mark Adam discuss how kids can pull at your heartstrings when it comes to explaining the way they see the world. Things get very “ranty” when they discuss the Egard Watches commercial in response to the Gillette advert they featured last week. Also, they take a moment to point out Volkswagen’s poorly chosen ad theme.